Social Proof : How To Use the Psychology Of Social Proof To Your Advantage

As you certainly know (or not) like attracts like. This means that you will rather choose to eat in a restaurant where the tables are occupied than the one next door or the tables are empty:

This is also known as the mass effect.

If the world represents a certain legitimacy for you, social proof is even more present if you observe that a high-profile individual (and therefore with strong social proof) uses this product.

Are people sheep?

Some explain this psychological phenomenon by a lack of time and comparators easily accessible, others say that consumers are sheep and follow only the mass without asking questions.

In the middle of all this, there is an opportunity to use social proof to generate interactions and conversions with the public.

Nevertheless to use these levers you will have to either create them or build them artificially. Before continuing, find out>

3 examples of social evidence

The number of views on YouTube : Statistically a video on the YouTube social network that has a number of important views from the beginning will be more likely to have more and trigger a “social proof” effect. If a lot of people watch the video, it must be great.

Some Youtubeur go to buy views (illegally) to trigger this domino effect and try to take advantage of this mass effect generated by important views.

Reservations required : Products or services requiring reservations often provoke aversion to loss.

Consumers say that if they have to book a product it is very popular and therefore necessary. To pay a lot more attention to this one so as not to miss out.

Apple often uses this reservation principle for new products under the pretext of a limited stock while the Californian brand has plenty to offer all of these consumers.

Releasing a product in limited quantities quickly causes an out of stock effect and therefore queues, and reservations.

The product appears as desirable and interesting

The Influencer : A person who has a strong reputation as a movie star or a high-profile medalist can easily influence consumer choices.

By having a strong reputation and a certain legitimacy linked to its status, the influencer creates a favorable dynamic for the brand.

“Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that occurs when a group person assumes that the actions of others reflect the appropriate behavior in a given situation.

Buyers are strongly influenced by the actions and recommendations of others, so social proof is essential to increase your conversion rate. “

Social networks

Social networks are a place of truth for the social proof of a company or an individual. It is relatively easy to quickly assess a user’s reputation by observing:

  • The engagement rate (Like, comments, answers)
  • Number of subscribers
  • Freshness of publications
  • Quotations and republication
  • Content generated on the network and commitment to the account is the social proof that your customers might need to switch to a purchase.
  • Comments and user reviews

People often turn to the advice and advice of others to avoid mistakes and be reassured in the act of making the right choices. 
The higher your customers are in the funnel, the greater the uncertainty.

It is therefore necessary to build strong social proof by generating a large number of interactions.

If you have not set up user comments yet. It is essential to start now to provide your prospects with strong social proof.

“If other users use this solution and take the time to post a comment. This product is good and positive. ” 

In the same way, some negative comments will not necessarily be catastrophic. Nobody is perfect and these comments show that your product is used and credibility by the good comments majority.

In addition, any negative comments that you receive from you will show your audience that you are there. If things do not go as planned.

“The comments impact more than 80% the decision of purchases of potential customers in decision making phase”

Social proof: mandatory in the decision making phase

Before making a decision, some consumers turn into real investigators and look for content and information from the users of your solution.

You must clearly display this content created by the users of your product.

A perfect example to show how important content is in the decision making of potential actors. It’s the company: GO PRO.

The brand highlights videos shot with their sports cameras in order to create a strong social dimension and therefore an indisputable social proof.

Being very present on social networks, the brand has from the beginning built a strong reputation to be a must in the sector of sports cameras. Even though the competition is very strong.

A semantic cocoon conducive to buying

It would be crazy to believe that prospects read all comments nonetheless. There are magical words that absolutely must stand out around your brand or product.

The following terms have a strong reputation among consumers:

  • Quality
  • Better
  • Superlative: great, awesome, amazing, wonderful, magical, wonderful
  • Love: To love a strong connotation, to love a product is stronger than to appreciate it
  • Recommendation: Users who clearly recommend the product are a formidable weapon.

And the polls in all this?

They are another form of social proof:

“A survey reveals that 80% of consumers recommend the use of our product.”

An argument in reinforced concrete for the future buyers who will say immediately:

if 80% of people recommend the product, it is that it must bring a strong added value for them.

Why not me ?

And the story starts again, because the potential customer will follow the advice of other consumers. This is a strong argument that he will take into account in his purchase decision.

How to use social proof for your business? 5 practical tips

1 – Ensure a presence on social networks by creating quality content

2 – Ask the users of your solution

3 – Order targeted surveys to highlight a problem and its solution: your product

4 – USE CASE: What are you waiting for to show how interesting your product is in specific situations?

5 – The media: The media enjoys a strong legitimacy. Find ways to get media coverage to ensure legitimacy with readers or viewers of this media.

Social proof has a strong impact on consumers’ buying decisions. It has been used for a long time to convince you to buy a product.

The mass effect allows you to develop your results provided that you use the various levers of social proof on a daily basis.

Collecting reviews and content from your users is one of the levers and social media that consumers use. To make their choices and make a final decision on an act of purchase.

Clearly displaying its notoriety on search engine results will have a significant impact on your click rate and ultimately on your results and conversions especially if Google posts stars and other user ratings on your product

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