How to use social proof to make more sales online?

Do you have an e-commerce site and are wondering how to make more sales online  ? If it’s a traffic story, the key is to bring more visitors to your site. But if you already have a lot of visits, how can you generate more sales  ?

Why does social proof make more sales online?

Do you know the expression: “People are sheep”? Know that she has a lot of truth. Even if you think that you do not do like everyone else, I assure you that you too are unconsciously influenced by others .


Social proof is defined as follows: in a given situation, when an individual does not know what to do, he tends to adopt the same behavior as the others.

Here is a very stupid example to illustrate this. It’s evening, you’re with a friend and you decide to eat outside. You stop in front of two restaurants. One is crowded with people, while the other is totally empty. Which one will you choose?

The majority of people will choose the one that is crowded. Indeed, they will think that if there are more people inside, it is certainly that the cuisine is better, or that something is not right in the other restaurant.

Well, it’s the same principle for your online store . If you want more people to buy, you need to be able to show your visitors that other people have done it before and that your company has some notoriety.

There are several methods for this, but I will focus on the ones that are applicable in the case of selling jewelry online.

Highlight testimonials from your customers

If you have already made sales, I invite you to ask your best customers to give you a little testimony . This may be related to your jewelry or your custom creations services, if you do. These do not need to be long, on the contrary. The important thing is that they are positive.

When you have obtained some (3 to start would be very good), you must absolutely highlight them on your website . Your visitors should not need to look for them. In any case, they will not usually take the time to do it. Indeed, most people are in a hurry. When they arrive at a site, they scan it quickly to see if something interests them. If not, they leave as quickly as they arrived. A sad consequence of our society where everything must go faster and faster.

If you want to use it to increase your sales , you must put these customer testimonials prominently on your homepage. And for maximum effect, ask your customers if you can put a small picture of them next to their testimony. This will make the whole thing more human, and enhance the visitor’s confidence.

The strength of the number

If you’ve created professional pages on Facebook and Instagram, you have a number of fans following you.

This number can be a stepping stone to your success if it’s important. Indeed, a potential customer who walks around your site and sees that you have more than 1000 subscribers on Facebook will be more confident . That’s why you should not hesitate to put this figure forward, just as for testimonials.


Be careful, however, if you have very few followers on social networks. In this case, it may be best to wait until you have more before setting your subscriber count. Otherwise, you risk causing the opposite effect. Namely, mistrust among your potential customers.

Increase trust with customer ratings

Customer ratings are a bit different from the testimonials. They are usually found under a product sheet , and they are often accompanied by a scoring system.

What is interesting about the evaluations is that they are about a particular product. So if a customer wants to buy one of your rings, but is not sure of its strength for example, the assessments will allow him to make an informed choice .

It is therefore in your interest to offer quality jewelry, so that your customers leave you positive feedback .

A little advice, so that your customers write an assessment, do not hesitate to ask them . For this, you can send them an e-mail a few days after sending the jewel to check if they have received it and if everything is correct. At the end of the message, ask them to leave you an evaluation. You will see that this will increase the number of ratings of your products. In addition, the customer will greatly appreciate the fact that you inform you of the good reception of the parcel.

The influence of the media

If your jewelry has been published in magazines or other prestigious media , you should not hesitate for a second to put it forward.

I regularly see creative sites where media appearances are mentioned on a page that can only be reached by clicking on the “Media” or “Press” tab in the menu. That’s good, but it’s not enough.


Once again, your visitors must see it at first glance. And the homepage is the perfect place for that. So in addition to your “Press” tab, place logos of these famous media with the words “As seen in”, just above your customer testimonials. The effect is guaranteed!

Influence & manipulation

You must remember that people are solicited from all sides, and that in jewelry, they have the choice .

It is therefore essential to persuade them that they are right to choose yours. Social proof is therefore an essential element to convince your potential customers.

However, as I explained at the beginning, there are other criteria that will allow you to make more sales online .

If you want to take your business further, I suggest you read the book Influence & Manipulation . Certainly, the title can be scary. However, these are not magic recipes to draw people to the dark side of the force. No, it’s more of a psychology book that analyzes and describes persuasion techniques .

Through this book, you will discover how to use these techniques well and increase your online income. However, I want to clarify that this one is not a marketing book, but a psychology book, which has been read by all the greatest web marketers .

Now, it’s your turn to play ! Which of these techniques have you already implemented, or which one do you plan to use soon?

Your opinions are welcome, so share them in the comments.

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