How to use Social Proof to increase your conversion?

For those who do not yet know the expression, here is the explanation:

It is a principle of sociology that emphasizes that a person in a situation where she does not know what to do or what to think of herself will tend to follow the actions or the way of thinking of a group. of people. The bigger the group, the more one tends to accept their behaviors or their points of view.

So social proof is a powerful way to convince your customers that your product or service is the best. Several solutions exist to do this:

How to use social proof to sell better?

1 – Customer testimonial

It is a very popular way today to give credibility to its products or services by highlighting the testimonials of your satisfied customers. These customers become in a way the ambassadors of your brand . Obviously these testimonials must be the most “real” possible with the name and the picture of the customer as well as a text of personalized recommendation. False testimonials will not fool the big world and on the contrary you risk people’s distrust of your business.

2 – Customer Reviews

These ratings are increasingly popular and appreciated by consumers (especially for online sales). It’s enough to see the success of Tripadvisor, which built its business model on hotel, restaurant, and hotel ratings where people were received and served. Today is the Star Wars, these opinions are ubiquitous  (Google, Facebook, Tripadvisor, YellowPages, …). These reviews show by their number, the quality of your service if you have between 4 and 5 stars. It is imperative to take these opinions into account and try to have a maximum of good grades. On the other hand if your average is low, ask yourself the good questions … It is not always the fault of the customer.

3 – Case studies

The case study is a detailed and decomposed explanation (sometimes with figures to the key) of the service or product in action at a customer. The goal is to demonstrate what benefits this customer has drawn from his purchase to prove that it is a good solution or the best. This kind of social proof can be formatted in video or with an explanatory narrative. His story of the product is told in the form of a little story.

4 – Brand logos

Highlight the media logos that have spoken to you, the logos of your most prestigious clients or those of your investors. You rely on the reputation of these renowned actors to grow yours . And if these media and customers have given you their attention and their trust it will encourage your future customers to do the same.

5 – Key figures

These are numbers that are meant to impress the customer . For example for a mobile application or the service of a startup, we show the growing number of players or users as social proof. The higher the number, the more likely you will be chosen by a potential customer.

Number of sites using sumome solution

Number of sites using sumome solution

6 – Number of followers

We are here always in the numbers. The lack of followers on your social networks is a problem. One would think that if people do not follow you it is because your society is unattractive. The more followers you have, the more credible you will be and the desire to follow you in turn . Good advice, when opening an account on a social network, make sure to put quality content and invite all your friends, family, acquaintances, to quickly increase the number of followers. A paid campaign can help promote your page and get more followers. 

7 – Location

For those who have a market that exceeds our borders, put the different countries or locations shows the extent of your activity . This gives scope to your activity and the image of a success that develops or even internationalizes. If you have customers all over France or around the world, you are more credible because you already have customers everywhere. You demonstrate the size of your market.

Here is a small (non-exhaustive) list to help you sell you better by using social proof wisely. But good advice, nothing serves to cheat . You have to stay honest with your customers even if the desire to make things look better than they are in reality remains tempting. Play on your real assets, do not manufacture at the risk of passing for an unscrupulous dream merchant …

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